Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Funday

This weekend has been a fun one, to say the least.  I have come to realize that the past year has not been such a great one.  I have been treating myself so badly!!  Not really, but really.  I have to get back to where I used to be!  I used to be in such great shape and have no fear.....tomorrow is a new day!  I will be planning my diet today and studying on eating clean.  Anyone have suggestions?  I also need to figure out my workout schedule....I still work out, but I need a schedule! Be back later on this.

On to today.  Today, we will be doing nothing.  Matt and I have vowed to have a lazy day.  It's raining/snowing out and too cold to go anywhere.  Yes, lazy Sunday it is.  Avrian is watching Mickey Mouse on the IPad, Matt and I are watching some crazy movie about dreams and of course, Alli is passed out cuddling me.  lol.  I love this part of my life! :)

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